More on Entropia Universe

June 12, 2007

The MMO Gamer has some more interesting news on Entropia Universe including an interview with the CIO of MindArk, Marco Berhmann, who comes across as a little cagey to say the least. I’d heard that they planned to have massive concurrence, but 7 million seems incredibly optimistic!!

The interesting thing for me is that if playing Entropia Universe is so expensive in terms of real money I can’t forsee it ever having the need to hold that many players as I wouldn’t expect that many people to stick with it once they’d spent their first $100. Also I’m not sure how appealing paying real money for repairs to equipment is; will their be an option to learn a repair trade to offset some of these costs?

Well, I remain open-minded as there are lots of features that sound very interesting about this virtual world. And no, I haven’t tried it yet.



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  2. One thing to keep in mind is that the Chinese world (or worlds) will be geared towards real life commerce (cell phones, music, movies, ring tones, etc) and the developers at CRD have stated that they do not intend to attract gamers to the chinese area. Basically, they are shooting for a 3-D ebay for chinese consumers. The bottom line is that there won’t be any gaming on the chinese side and, if players from this side want to travel there, it will be as tourists, not hunters, miners or crafters.

  3. Thanks Long Time. That’s very interesting it sounds like that to all intents and purposes the chinese and western versions of Entropia Universe will be different VWs. I’m struggling to see the purpose of calling them the same thing from a business perspective. Is it an IP stipulation on the part of MindArk or do they hope to persuade western players to use the Chinese world for RL purchases??

  4. There are certain advantages that MindArk gains from this association.
    First, they gain the license fees for use of the game engine.
    Second, they gain the PR benefit of being able to say that they have (x) million registered users in a single universe. It’s much like how they advertise 500,000+ users now, where that 500K number is the number of accounts started since the game went live and not a reflection of active users.
    Third, they gain the benefit of utilizing a portion of a potentially massive network of servers that CRD will be establishing to handle the anticipated numbers of simultaneous users.

    In summary, it’s a win-win for MindArk and China. I do think, personally, that the current western players of the game will be in for a surprise when CRD completes their system and I do not believe that the surprise will be a pleasant one.

  5. In as far as the commercial areas are concerned, I think you need to look at it a bit differently. The commercial areas will be primarily designed for, and marketed to, the internal chinese marketplace. What they are attempting to do is to bring more western businesses into the chinese market under strictly controlled conditions. The Entropia platform is perfect for this as it was designed with 100% control in mind. Every aspect of trade and communication can be monitored and controlled.

    I do not think you will see many items marketed to westerners in this environment.

  6. Thanks Long Time Player!

    I guess MindArk have taken note of the way in which Linden Lab have successfully used PR to promote Second Life, it’s a good plan and seems to pay off when there is no subscription fee.

    It will be very interesting to see what western players make of the Chinese arm of the game.

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