A new kind of server

June 11, 2007

Everybody knows about goldfarmers, some people even know gold farmers and I’m sure there are one or two people you know who occasionally buy from goldfarmers (naming no names), but if, as this Games Industry Biz article suggests, it’s here to stay then how should companies deal with it?

The benefit of gold farming are fairly obvious (read the comments here): it saves a lot of time for those who don’t have time to spare, and as the article points out most of the best equipment in WoW is bind on pick-up meaning it can’t be sold to other players. So gold farmers offers genuine benefits for those who don’t want to grind their WoW hours to pay for important high level necessities like potions and repairs.

The problem is that some, maybe many, people who lack time still don’t want to buy gold from gold farmers and they feel it’s unfair if other players do. So what’s the answer?

RMT servers, obviously…

If you intend to buy gold you roll a character on one of these servers (they could have RMT PvP, RMT PvE, RMT RP PvP servers and so on), if you don’t intend to buy gold you go to a standard server. This goes some way to resolving the economic imbalance because presumably everybody who moved to an RMT server would buy gold and there would be no advantage over other players other than individual wealth, which players joining these servers would be well aware of.

Problem solved.



  1. dont think it will work

    The gold farmers would just move under ground on pvp and pve type servers.

    Would increase the number of servers and hence the cost of the game – inflation could be interesting on RMT servers

  2. You’re undoubtedly right, there is no easy solution. I guess it’s more about damage control and trying to give players who still feel that RMT is ‘cheating’ a place to hang with like-minded souls than eradicating it entirely.

    I wonder if Sony Exchange has made Everquest 2 players feel better?

    I like the idea of stealth taxing RMT servers though, the monthly WoW fee could be £12 or something!

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