Influences: Dark Mod

October 2, 2006

The Thief series (The Dark Project, The Metal Age and Deadly Shadows) produced some of my utterly favourite computer games, so I was naturally pissed when Eidos decided they weren’t going to put up the funds to get any more made. Thankfully, a dedicated team of modders have taken Doom 3 engine and decided to carry on where sell-out Eidos left off. The Dark Mod are putting together an engine for ‘Thief-like’ gaming (they’re not continuing the Thief series, that would be copyright infringement), which while still a few years off, looks like it’ll be well worth the wait.

Check out these screenshots





The design itself is fairly generic ‘gothic’ style, what really makes these images for me is the lighting – really dense shadows hiding god knows what. The Thief series always excelled at atmosphere, which derived from a combination of the character you played, the dramatic lighting, the amazing sound effects and soundtrack, and the cool as hell story lines. One ambition I have is to try and capture this atmosphere in a drawing, something I reckon will be pretty hard given the static nature of the medium, but I have to give it a go don’t I.

Check out this cool demo too


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